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Our Summer Term SEN training opportunities all available to book on the Learning Zone

Our Summer Term SEN training opportunities all available to book on the Learning Zone

by Cormac Wilton -
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Summer Term SEN training opportunities are now available to book! You can find out more information on what we are offering for SEN over the summer period below:

SENCO District Network 22-23 (Webinar) – 14 June

Research shows that the most effective and sustainable professional learning is through collaborative, collegiate communities with a specific focus. The SENCO District Network provides a structure within which SENCOs are facilitated to develop their knowledge and understanding through research, and implementation of strategies to improve outcomes for learners. It is a continual process and forms a ‘spiral of enquiry’.

The content of each session would include national and local changes to policy, current research and resources as well as development of the strategic leadership role to drive improvement.

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Price: Sub £30 / SLA £15 / Full £36

SENCO Refresher 22-23 (Webinar) – 17 May 2022

The key role of the SENCo in a school has changed over recent years and now requires strategic leadership.

The course has been created for experienced SENCos who wish to update their knowledge and understanding of the role and develop their skills to enable them to undertake the role more effectively.

This course is also suitable for those who are new to the role, with a summary of the role of the SENCo and their responsibilities within the school.

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Price: Sub £105 / SLA £80 / Full £126

Visit our SEN Moodle courses page for further information on our current and upcoming SEN training opportunities.