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    Book now to secure your place - Hampshire Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator Conference 2023 – 21 February 2023

    by Caroline Cain -

    The theme for the conferences this year is: Neurodiversity and how this impacts on social and emotional behaviours and mental wellbeing

    An opportunity to network with other SENCOs from across the authority.

    The day includes two keynote speakers with a wealth of different experience around working with pupils with neurodiversity and how this impacts on social and emotional behaviours and mental wellbeing. A range of workshops will be available in the morning and afternoon sessions which delegates can choose to attend.

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: Co-ordinator Conference

    Price: Sub £160 / SLA £70 / Full £192

    Last chance to book: Working with Pupils with SEND for Support Staff 22-23 (Webinar) – 13 September, 4 October, 15 November 2022

    by Cormac Wilton -

    This course provides LSAs with an understanding of their role when working with pupils with SEND. It will provide an opportunity for participants to examine their role in developing relationships with pupils and how the language they use can have a positive or negative impact on the pupil and others. 

    Search and book on the learning zone using keywords: SEND Support Staff

    Price: Sub £340 / SLA £300 / Full £408

    Materials for Practical Project Sharing are now available on the Leadership Moodle

    by Cormac Wilton -

    Materials and power points from the recent session for secondary school leaders Practical Project Sharing that has made a difference to Teaching, Learning and Leadership have been uploaded to the Leadership Moodle (available through this link: Practical Project Sharing 1 July)

    This session focused on pupils identified as SENDK and the practical implementation of the strategies and advice in the Hampshire document SEN Support Guidance for Schools. The materials include those generated by three projects which are being carried out with secondary schools by members of the HIAS secondary team, and a comprehensive presentation focused on the use of visuals from a specialist speech and language therapist.

    The presentations are titled:

    • From advice to practice – learning from the application of the HIAS SEN Support guidance: An introduction to the day
    • Using reading age information to make a difference to whole-school literacy
    • Labels limit learning: meeting the needs of SEN Support pupils in the classroom
    • Making a difference with vocabulary and oral language
    • What one thing

    This session for leaders in secondary schools was very well received and will run again in the Autumn Term 2022 (date to be confirmed). Please check the Learning Zone for details.

    HTLC upcoming training courses on the HIAS Moodle (Primary schools)

    by Jenny Wei -

    We offer a variety of courses to help teachers and leaders in their careers. These cost-effective courses cover a wide range of topics and in all subject areas.

    Please visit SEN Courses on the main menu on the right to view available courses and keyword searches to help you book on the Learning Zone.

    Or visit Our Upcoming Training Offers for our complete training offer.    

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