SEN Matters - Autumn 2023


As SEN Matters has been a key publication in promoting awareness and signposting schools to available resources, we are making this term's edition available to all schools across Hampshire and the Isle of Wight. This offer is part of our ‘Transforming SEND programme’ and our collaboration with DfE initiatives ‘Delivering Better Value’ (HCC) and ‘Safety Valve’ (IOW).

This special edition of SEN Matters, Transforming SEND,  includes a heartfelt editorial by Naomi Carter about her personal journey and features a selection of articles on the following themes:

  • Introducing Transforming SEND
  • Leadership and culture 
  • Relationship and behaviour
  • Consideration of the learning environment
  • SEN support teaching strategies

We hope you find this special edition of SEN Matters informative and inspiring. 

current SEN Matters subscribers , if you missed the exclusive webinar with Kit Messenger from Changes Chances and co-author of ‘Curious not Furious’. Please click here to watch the recorded session

SEN Support Toolkit
Designed to help Special Educational Needs Co-ordinators (SENCOs) and other school staff navigate the range of resources and support available.
SEN support line
Offering bespoke advice and support with more complex challenges. To access the support line, please fill in this contact form.
Transforming SEND Conference
The conference will launch the Hampshire Transforming SEND programme at a leadership level and provide headteachers with guidance and practical tools to implement change in their settings and promote a culture of inclusion.  Click here to book your place
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